Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, insisted that the Iraqi tribes and citizens of the regions play their role in facing ISIS and freeing the violated lands, praising the security victories gained in Tikrit, Diyala, some regions in Al Anbar and Baiji refinery. This came when his eminence received at his office in Baghdad US ambassador Stewart Johns, on Tuesday, 28/4/2015.
His eminence stressed the need to support the popular crowd and defend it against the unjust attacks targeting it. His eminence cited as evidence the victories in which the popular crowd had a major role in cooperation with the army, the police, the Iraqi tribes and the Peshmerga. He also reiterated how important it is to use this historical phase to reach a political compromise and a national project that is reassuring to everyone and in line with the security accomplishments. Sayyid Al Hakim stated that the battle against ISIS is not just of a security nature but the security progress should be accompanied with developmental and economic plans, finally highlighting that the reconciliation projects should answer the four questions: with ho? for what? under what ceiling? what are the guarantees?