Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called for preserving the journalists’ dignity, freedom and moral value in society and ensure a minimum for their community future, since according to him, this  is a major way to create a media culture capable of resisting, developing and giving. He said the journalists are part of the society to which they provide freedom, dignity and correct information and it is important that the responsible, mature and conscious media develop interior self-control tools, calling on the different mass media to reject the cheap, stereotyped media based on the non-objective provocation and the political, social and cultural decline and to face the perverted media that broadcast the culture of alienation and division, fragment the society and doubt its national and moral fixed principles and shake faith in the state, in the political process and in the capability of coexisting. He also stressed the need for media to develop the emerging democracy as well as the need for democracy to develop responsible national media, adding that according to the Martyr of the Niche movement’s political project of building a fair, modern state, the society needs the media not only for the interactive control with the legislative, executive and judicial authorities, but also because the modern state needs a civil society that can grow, develop and interact with its laws, legislations and executive policies, explaining that this can only be achieved with a free, independent and conscious press and mature media institutions that recognize their social responsibilities, and that the journalists are equal to politicians in their social movement and in terms of building the modern civil society and the modern state.
This came during the national conference for the freedom of press held at Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim’s office in Baghdad on Saturday, May 9, 2015, under the “Our media… Freedom….Responsibility” slogan.   
Media Is the Main Front Line against Terrorism
His Eminence has also called on Iraqi journalists to be actively present in the fateful battle of Iraq against terrorism, describing the current phase as a historic moment in which Iraqis reshape their national existence, after declaring that the obscurantist terrorism has stolen an important and cherished part of Iraq and seeks to kill all life signs and civilization effects. He added that terrorism realizes that media is the main front line facing it as it is an intellectual system before being a military and security one, stressing that terrorism recognizes the importance of the media and how much media personality has impact in the community, that’s why it targets it directly and tries to exclude it from the front line, terrorize it, or silence it, pointing out that media is the most sublime language for communication, the real standard to civil plane and the gate to enter the world of civil society, noting that media is able to create community interaction by the various means they own.
The Unified Iraq Respecting Its components Is a Fundamental Guarantee to Protect Iraqi People’s Rights
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim has confirmed that the unified Iraq that is reconciled with itself and respecting its components is a fundamental guarantee to protect Iraqi people's rights and provide a secure future for its next generations, stressing his deep and great faith in the ability of Iraqi union and the unity of the Iraqi territory while retaining the privacy of each component and the area of ​​freedom guaranteed by the Constitution and the new Iraq for everybody. He noted that nationalist sentiment is respectable and appreciative, provided they are feelings concordant and reconciled with the other nationalities in a large crucible named the united and cohabitant Iraqi nation.
Media Contribution in a National Settlement for the Homeland and Not on its Account
His Eminence appealed the national media to contribute to create the atmosphere for a national settlement for the sake of the country and not on its account, noting that Iraq is now the responsibility of journalists who must defend it against black terrorism, as some are trying, consciously or unconsciously, to transform the unified Iraq to many rival and conflicting Iraqs manipulated by the whims, desires and personal limited projects. He expressed his willingness, support, understanding and confidence in the Iraqi journalists’ awareness and sense of responsibility, showing his confidence in Iraq’s victory over its crises, as well as surpassing its challenges and success in building its civil society and modern fair state, stressing the need to believe in the ability to co-existence and to agree on the minimum consistence and then to believe in the national project. Al-Hakim highlighted the central role of media which is responsible for the production of a culture of a nation and the qualitative effect of media figure in appraising the political figure and guiding the community personality.