Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, expressed his confidence in Iraq’s victory in its battle against ISIS despite all the wounds and suffering, adding that this confidence stems from a realistic reading; it is not an emotional affectionate confidence. His eminence indicated that achieving victory in the shortest time and with minimal losses needs a proper vision and a mature political mindset, warning against the language of media clamor that will only stir the feelings of naïve people and lead them to losing battles. He mentioned the previous warnings he had launched from the tribune of the cultural forum about the fact that ISIS are fervent ideologist fighters who have nothing to lose regardless of how deviant this ideology is, they have a strategy, a plan and an oriented media.
His eminence also pointed out that some are trying to win this fierce battle of existence, through hotels and air-conditioned conference rooms, highlighting that a country is slaughtered and cities are violated while some are discussing whether angels are females and males (in reference to the famous moot point) and are trying to distort the image of the tough ideologist fighters, and while ISIS glorifies its criminal leaders. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim stated that the popular crowd is the only remaining force to save Iraq, defend its cities and villages and protect is children from orphanhood and women from captivation, insisting that the political language is no longer useful with those who are pretentions politicians, singing a wrong note and overlooking the real enemy to the point of treachery. He explained that he said Ramadi has not fallen because he had previously said that Anbar is resistant, and this is still the case although some are not convinced of it now. His eminence added in this regard that Anbar means Baghdad, northern Babel, Karbala and Samawah desert and it is resistant not just because it belongs to its people but also because it belongs to all Iraqis; it is the heart of Iraq, its strategic depth, the meeting point of its transport systems. He reminded attendees of his call to support Anbar before it is too late but the media clamor and the wrongful political reading did not allowed the people to listen to that call and think about its meanings. Today, it is imperative for us to maintain the resistance of Anbar with the blood of hundreds of our sons.
Sayyid Al Hakim emphasized that it is imperative for us today to maintain the resistance of Anbar with the blood of hundreds of our sons, wondering when will this mix up in positions and their interpretation stop, knowing that there is no more room for concealing positions that makes everyone drown into chaos. He added that questioning the popular crowd only means further advancement of terrorism, warning against the shame that history will carry for the coming generations when they go over the disputes of Iraqis at a time when the country is being slaughtered and the people captivated while criminals are united. Furthermore, his eminence stressed the need for a proper strategic vision, sound battle priorities, useful plans, competent national tools, a good investment of available capacities, as well as for a good coordination and integration of roles between the military institutions of the army, the police, the popular crowd, the tribe members and the Peshmerga.
This came in the celebration of the births of pure Imams the held at his eminence’s office in Baghdad on Wednesday, 20/5/2015.
The Unity of Iraq Is a Fate Albeit the Separation and the Division Some Talk About
His Eminence stressed the need to stick to the unity of Iraq since it’s the country that embraces and protects all Iraqis of all components, colors and religious, denominational, racial, territorial and political affiliations, considering the Iraq’s unity as a fate albeit the separation and the division some talk about and the talk of division as nonsense because Iraq was formed long time ago in a way that is possible for its boundaries to be divided. He also noted that there is interconnection in terms of the Iraqi people, the Iraqi geography and the Iraqi history, so what kind of division are they talking about? His Eminence reminded that all the countries all over the world faced hard conditions and pivotal challenges, but the division was never a solution for them, warning that the states born from the division won’t be stable or able to succeed. Here he reassured the Iraqis that there would be only one united Iraqi, and that its unity is the most reasonable, most moral and most patriotic choice albeit all the challenges, describing the attack of ISIS against Iraq as fiercest than that of the Mogul and the Tatars because it’s an evil terrorist organization that knows very well its goals and operates according to regional and international plans.
The Promoters of Division Are Behind the Naïve and Exposed Events of Adhamiyah
His Eminence maintained that the promoters of division are behind the last events of Adhamiyah. In his opinion, those think that the division, if achieved, will give them opportunities to win and rise and it is them who planned for such events and the perpetrators are as usual the naïve misled people. He said that their intent was to tear the capital apart so that the Shia won’t pass in the Sunni regions and vice versa. According to him, the war against the common enemy is a global pivotal war and the enemy has diverse ways, calling for uniting the opinions and the arms against the common enemy, describing the events of Adhamiyah as naïve and exposed. Finally, he asserted that the hands of the promoters of division will be cut whoever they are and that like all the tyrants, persecutors and criminals over the history, they will be forgotten.
The Ministry of Electricity Must Supply Schools of Power during Exams
His Eminence has considered the students’ final exams as proof of people’s refusal to die and to stop the wheel of life and its pinnacle represented by education. He praised the students’ spirit as they are passing their exams in difficult circumstances, calling on educational institutions to redouble their efforts in order to make examinations where comfort necessities are available as much as possible and to improve timing selection since it’s difficult for some students to pass their exams during the month of Ramadan because when the exams’pressure coincides with fasting pressure, students will find it very difficult to afford. Al-Hakim appeals as well the Ministry of Electricity to take into account the examination timings and dates and to make their effort to supply citizens and schools of electric power to maintain examinations’ smoothness. He also called on the security agencies to provide safe environment for students; on the other hand, families must maintain calm atmosphere inside the houses and avoid exchange visits and social events that distract their student children from their full-time study and peace of mind, stressing that the Iraqis are fighting the darkness for light. Moreover, he called to consider examinations as important in their moral value because they represent the pinnacle of the Iraqi challenge against the forces of terror and darkness.