Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, praised the efforts of UN special representative to Iraq, Mr. Ján Kubiš, to clear out the confusion and misunderstanding about the role and duties of the popular crowd in fighting the criminal gangs of ISIS in Iraq and conveying the true image of the popular crowd to the international community.
This came when his eminence received at his office in Baghdad, on Thursday, 21/5/2015, the Secretary General Representative and UN head of mission in Iraq. His eminence thanked Mr. Kubiš for his tremendous efforts to mobilize the international community to support Iraq in its war on terrorism and assist Iraqi displaced populations.
    For his part, the Representative of the UN Secretary General in Iraq affirmed that one of the top priorities of his missions was to clarify the wrongful image and incorrect evaluation of the popular crowd’s role and duties to the UN, as well as to demonstrate that the popular crowd consists of a group of patriotic men who answered the calls of the religious authority in their country and who are the cornerstone of the forces fighting ISIS, alongside with other Iraqi security forces. Mr. Kubiš also pointed out that he will continue his endeavors to secure support for the displaced in Iraq in all possible means.
    The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq warned the international community from consequences of not supporting Iraq in its war against ISIS terrorism, explaining that this will contribute to the expansion of terrorist groups’ sleeping cells and of members returning from their fight in Iraq to all the countries all over the world, and thus to the threatening of world peace and security.