Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, maintained that the next stage Iraq is going through is about a pivotal and existential battle, saying that the fragmentation and the separation are not a project, yet they will lead all Iraqis to chaos and big challenges, which will cause the loss of all the honorable Iraqi components. He said Iraq is not the first state to face such challenges and difficulties and the human history is full with trials for people who managed to overcome them, adding that there are so many countries with sectarian and denominational diversity, but they are stable and secure, calling on the Iraqi forces and components to adopt a country-defense rhetoric and to take clear and express steps to overcome the crisis and strengthen the national unity. According to his Eminence, the priorities in the next stage would be to face the security, political and community challenge, to build the state and to provide the services as well as to keep Iraq interactive and influential in its regional and international relations by establishing good ties with the surrounding Arab and Islamic  countries, dissipating their fears and concerns as to the Iraqi experience and the country’s interior situations and working for stronger partnership with the surrounding environment.  
This came during the 3rd Loyalty to Country Festival held on Saturday, May 23, 2015 in Baghdad in support of the security forces and the popular crowd.
The Security Challenge Requires Strategic Vision and Effective Plans
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said the security challenge requires a strategic vision and effective plans and policies bases on such vision as well as to well-defined priorities in determining the roadmap to face terrorism, stressing the need for the competent, national, professional and bold tools that stand by the country and defend it, and to ensure coordination and integrity between the different security institutions such as the army, the police, the popular crowd, the tribal members and the Peshmerga.
The National Claims Must Be within the Framework of a Fair, Modern State
Moreover, his Eminence called for a historical settlement and a reassuring political project that gains a consensus under the ceiling of the constitution, saying that any settlement between Iraqis must be based on what each component can give to its partners before wondering about what it would be given, calling for applying the win-win theory where the dignity and self-esteem of all parties would be well preserved. He also emphasized the need for a global vision of what each party gets and gives to the other partner and to guarantee to all components that they will be committed to give what they should give, not to mention the need for real guarantees in terms of stability and security, for the trust in the political process and for the national unity to build the national project. On the other hand, his Eminence said the claims of the national parties must be within the framework of a fair, modern state and all the Iraqi state’s institutions must be involved in this project, adding that some steps are mere legislations the parliament must enact, others are procedures which must be undertaken by the government, and others are judicial steps required by the courts, not to mention the responsibilities of the political powers and those of the civil society organizations, of the media, etc  and everyone must take part and segregate the pros and cons.  
The Need to Address the Displaced People’s Problems and to Clear their Regions of Mines
His Eminence called for addressing the problems of the displaced people who are going through hard conditions, particularly their existing problems such as housing and lack of necessary services as well as for working and getting ready to repatriate them after liberating their regions from the criminal ISIS, stressing the need for making diligent and quick efforts to remove the mines from the violated regions, and for filtering the repatriated citizens and making sure that there are no ISIS intruders among them, calling for strengthening the coexistence between the Iraqi components and addressing the social crisis and problems between the sects and ethnicities in the areas of conflict. In addition, he said that is necessary to put an end to the sectarian and ethnic provocation and to follow, detect and punish those who launch such detestable sectarian calls, calling on the media to play a big role in establishing the culture of moderation and to avoid the headings that cause problems between the citizens.  
Providing Investment Opportunities, Fighting Corruption and Reactivating the Agricultural and Industrial Sector
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called for ensuring the adequate services to the citizens since they largely contribute to the Iraqi people’s satisfaction and to their national dignity, maintaining that a part of the security solution is about development, stressing the need for well-defined steps to build the state through the administrative revolution and minimizing the obstacles to investments by  providing investment opportunities and giving the society the chance to move and to assume its responsibilities, emphasizing the need to stick to the human rights principles, to respect the liberties, to fight corruption, to minimize the poverty, to reactivate the agricultural and industrial sector and to provide job opportunities, urging for drawing up the appropriate plans and mechanisms to address the problems and challenges and to improve the situation in the country.   
Iraq, a Bridge of Communication between the Region’s Countries and a Meeting Point
Moreover, his Eminence called for keeping Iraq interactive and influential in the regional and international relations and for establishing good ties with the surrounding Arab and Islamic  countries, dissipating their fears and concerns. Here, he said that all Iraqis must be united in their words and use one logic and one logic and have one national Iraqi claim, because they have the sway, underlining the ability of Iraq to facilitate the resolution of the problems in the region’s countries and to be a bridge of communication between these countries and a meeting point. He also said that Iraq must play a role in bringing the different regional points of view closer, assuring that Iraq will rise again, defeat terrorism and build the state of institutions, and that the Iraqi people will be proud of a state that can protect it, provide the care and the appropriate services for it and prevent Iraq’s enemies from achieving their despicable goals.