Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, blessed the launching of the “Wasit, the Province of the Future” Alliance which includes the Citizen’s Bloc, the State of Law Coalition, the Ahrah Bloc, and some independent lists, in the presence of all members and representatives of the blocs. His eminence indicated that this alliance is considered a message to the fighters on the battle fields that politicians will work under a unified team to provide the best services for our people and improve the standards of living and services in the province.
This came when his eminence received this morning on Thursday, 28/5/2015, at his office in Baghdad, the governor, the council head and members of Wasit.
    His eminence also insisted that the cohesion and solidarity among the members of this alliance is a fundamental factor to preserve unity and fight sectarianism, and will represent a harsh and strict message to the terrorist trying to divide the country. He expressed his hope to see the province of Wasit carrying out a quantum leap towards presenting the best services to the citizens and encouraging the other provinces to form homogeneous and strong alliances to increase the level of services.
    For his part, the governor of Wasit, engineer Malek Khalaf Al Wadi, extended his gratitude to Sayyid Ammar for his support of the alliance and hoped that the coming days would witness more meetings with his eminence to listen to his wise directives and accomplish more productive work.
    The head of the council of Wasit stated that he’s confident that the alliance will first and foremost work to serve the province and its citizens, and added that the alliance will be a good start that should extend to other provinces, as it is an example of unity, refusal of sectarianism and political disputes, and joint efforts for one main purpose, which is serving the country and the citizens.