Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, assured that the “civil peace and state building” initiative is the cornerstone in building a unified Iraq and a stable state, explaining that it is a document that seeks to meet the demands of all Iraqi components: Shias, Sunnis, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen, Shabaks, Muslims, Christians, Mandaeans, Yazidis under the ceiling of the constitution. His eminence considered that the initiative is a completion of the political document and the government platform that the parliament voted on and became a binding law, clarifying that it seeks to reach a consensual formula under the exceptional circumstances in the country with real guarantees from all the parties. He insisted that it is a national Iraqi initiative that represents the efforts of all the loyal national forces within the constitution and applicable laws of the country, and not an initiative by the Supreme Council or the Martyr of the Niche movement. On another note, his eminence reminded that the project of terrorism is based on sowing sectarian, religious and nationalistic discords, and on causing a civil war, dividing society and sabotaging the state. He also insisted on protecting Iraq and its people from division and being drawn into an open civil war, indicating that this is what the terrorists dream of for they are unable to establish their pretended caliphate in the presence of a unified and united Iraq and a coherent Iraqi people. His eminence considered that chaos is the perfect environment for terrorism to grow and expand, warning against the terrorism’s dreams of dividing Iraq and eventually swallow its fragmented parts into its terrorist Islamic State.
This came in his eminence’s speech delivered at the celebration held for the birth anniversary of Imam Al Mahdi (may Allah hasten his reappearance) on the 15th of Shaa’ban at his office in Baghdad on Wednesday, 3/6/2015.
The Religious Authority’s Fatwa Brought Back Hope to the Nation and Protected the People and the Homeland
His eminence considered that the historical fatwa issued by the supreme religious authority on sufficiency jihad was a call of mercy and a great blessing from Allah that brought back hope to the nation and protected the people, the state and the homeland. He indicated that the criminal terrorism was crawling towards us with crowds of ignorant trapped men who seek to be devout to Allah by killing children and women and scattering their corpses. They are the heirs of that satanic culture which killed the son of the Prophet’s daughter, captivated his women and slaughtered his children in the name of the Islamic Caliphate. Sayyid Al Hakim pointed out that it is ironic that the caliphate gets established through the killing of the household of Prophet Mohammad and their followers and supporters. He also praised God for arranging for the believers to comfort their Imams and making their course the savior of this world from the followers of Satan, takfirism and the pagan Islam of the heirs of the culture of Yazid and other deviant governors. His eminence explained that the religious authority and its blessed fatwa caused this great mobilization and tipped the scales in the favor of Iraq and its people knowing that it is still at the level of sufficiency. He wondered what would have happened had the authority launched a call for general jihad, and affirmed that then the modern army of Yazid would completely disappear and the grandsons of the liver eaters will have no state or caliphate. His eminence highlighted that terrorism and its dark approach will not affect the Iraq of Ali and Hussein (peace be upon them) as long as we have a beating heart, for being killed and slain is our habit and martyrdom is our nobility and generosity.
The International Coalition Assumed its Responsibilities through the Serious Confrontation of the Terrorist ISIS Organization
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called on the international coalition to assume its historical responsibilities through the serious confrontation of the terrorist ISIS organization with determination and strictness and through the support of the Iraqi people with all its components to defend the security of Iraq, the region and the world, addressing the Paris Conference  by saying, “stop messing with the Iraqi people and with the peoples of the region and stop underestimating our intellectual capacity to know the facts, if the states with such military power can’t stand against a group of killers and terrorists, I am certain that ISIS will be soon at the heart of these states and will spread like wildfire to destroy the structures of the regional and world security”. He also warned against the mobile human bombs in Europe, i.e. the suicide bombers who drive their excitement from the terrorists who blow up their bodies in Iraq, explaining that the occupation by ISIS of Sirte in Libya made it a neighbor of Europe, wondering how Europe will deal with its new neighbor! Moreover his Eminence warned that all those who don’t take strict measures to face ISIS or try to take advantage of it to exert pressure on their political enemies will regret when it’s too late, justifying its warning by saying that ISIS can’t turn into a rifle for rent and is uncontrollable and the experiences of the last decades are solid proof. On the other hand, he said he is not optimistic about the strategy of the international coalition to face the criminal ISIS, feeling that lots of the states have an unserious and ineffective participation in that coalition and that the participation of most of the states are for spectacular purposes only. According to him, it is impossible for the most powerful countries in the world to take part in a coalition against a terrorist organization that operate in public and on wide areas and can’t block its movement or paralyze its capacities, and this is something very suspicious and makes the states participating in the coalition lose their standing. It’s better for these states, he added, to prove that they are serious and trustworthy in their fighting against ISIS instead of losing their standing and respect by not acting to prevent a group of murderers moving in an open desert of thousands kilometers. His Eminence wondered: “Where are the satellites, the unmanned air vehicles and the wiretappings? Where are the intelligence apparatuses? Where are the smart and guided weapons? And where…? And where…? The weapons are being regularly delivered to ISIS, in addition to what they gain from the Iraqi and Syrian armies and the ISIS oil is being sold in the international markets and funded with the organization’s finds by millions of dollars. So where is the coalition? Where are the allies? Who surround ISIS from everywhere. Here, he described the fact that Iraq is held solely responsible for facing ISIS as reverse of truth because the latter constitutes a serious threat to the region and the entire world, reminding of the Turkmen martyrs who were killed in Tharthar in defense of Iraq. 
The Shaaban Uprising Broke the Fear among People and Isolated the Tyrant of the Political Level
His Eminence recalled the blessed 1991 uprisings in Iraq, noting that this revolution has broken the fear and terror feelings from the dictator and his repression apparatuses and humiliated him after it made the beginning of the People's armed confrontation. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim stressed that facing the dictator by the Iraqi people before the intifada was just an elitist confrontation by a group of scientists and educated youths who diagnosed the fact of the dictatorial regime since its inception, and decided to confront it until the 1991 uprising; so confrontation turns from the elite to the masses, ignites the flame of enthusiasm and revolution of our oppressed people, plants seedlings for the resistant people and hammers the last nail in the coffin of the tyrant. He pointed out that the uprising has paved the way for the demise of the dictator and its collapse and end countdown started, describing the 1991 uprising as the biggest in the history of the Iraqi people with the participation of more than 14 provinces out of 18 of Iraq's provinces… All society classes participated in this uprising, proved to the dictator and his absurd party that this people refuses him, his authority, ideology and everything to do with him, reminding that the uprising has paid a big price by targeting hundreds of thousands of rebelling who gathered in stadiums and public squares, and then were led to mass graves under media blackout and known regional and international covers that turned a blind eye to these brutal massacres and allowed to the dictatorship regime to commit genocide against his own people, until he expressed sectarian hatred by writing "not Shia from now on "on his tanks and published several articles in official newspapers regarding this issue and was said to be written by the dictator himself. His Eminence noted that this Uprising is spontaneous held by a people who rejected Baathist normalization, ideological domestication and brutal dictatorship power under the leadership of the religious authority and great scientists, and he considered it as the uprising of the oppressed, which paved the way to overthrow the dictator though after a while when they made him politically isolated and unable to achieve the interests of regional and international forces that supported him throughout his reign; thus, they assaulted him and got rid of him in a new divine year.