Sayyid Ammar, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, highlighted the priorities that should be worked on and took into consideration in order to overcome the difficulties and challenges and take Iraq to safety, stability and prosperity. His eminence indicated that these priorities are mainly security, political, social and developmental, as well as regional and international relations, stressing the importance of integration and partnership between the popular crowd and the other security forces so as to create a real force to defend the country and free the violated territories. He also pointed out that the real participation of the citizens from the violated regions in the fight against terrorist ISIS in all the stages of operations is an essential element for winning the battle.
This came when Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim headed the central Shura meeting at his office in Baghdad on Monday, 8/6/2015.
Furthermore, his eminence assured that the security project cannot succeed without political steps and a political project that gathers all Iraqis, noting that the civil peace and state building initiative is a historical compromise and opportunity to build a modern civil state that serves and does justice to all Iraqis. He stressed as well the importance of openness between all Iraqis in order to enhance the Iraqi social structure.
His eminence called to strengthen the relations with the Arab, regional and world states, explaining that the development of Iraq’s relations will serve the progress, stability and growth of the country. Sayyid Al Hakim insisted that it is important to activate the private sector and investments in order to provide the citizens with services and a decent life especially under these difficult circumstances. His eminence finally called to get ready for the holy month of Ramadan through spiritual and psychological preparation and efforts to get devout to Allah with supplication and remembrance as they are useful for making humans assume their religious and national responsibilities.