Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned against politicizing the popular crowd and involving them in tasks and areas that don’t fall within their competence, because according to him, this is very offensive to the crowd, to the fatwa of the reference and to great references who issued such fatwa, calling for protecting the popular crowd from politicization and abuse in favor of narrow political purposes, renewing the call to enact the national guard law so that it can constitute a legal cover for the crowd’s heroes, granting them the required rights and regulating their military role along with the other armed forces. His Eminence also noted that everyone is in charge of protecting the popular crowd and defending them against the attacks of the enemies and the haters who envied the Iraqi people for having such a big combat power, adding that it is everyone’s responsibility to protect the crowd from itself and to limit the problems and mistakes that block its movement and the achievement of its tasks, reiterating that the popular crowd is the important pillar in facing terrorism with the help of the other security forces.
The Security of Basra and of the Southern Provinces Is a Red Line
    His Eminence said the southern provinces, particularly Basra province, is a red line, asserting that we won’t stand still before the suspicious attempts and actions that put at risk the stability of these provinces in general and of Basra in particular, which is considered as the provider for the living of all Iraqis and as the main and major source of the income of the state, calling on the officials and those in charge to assume their responsibilities in offering the best services to the citizens. Moreover, he said that exploiting the people’s feelings and inciting them to get to the streets to spread instability are an unforgivable sin, wondering about the secret of the time when Iraqis are fighting ISIS and achieving important victories whiles some seek to open a new front in their safe southern areas to dissipate the efforts and waste the national acquirements.

The Fatwa on Sufficiency Jihad to Stop the Expansion of ISIS and Save the Violated Regions
    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim affirmed that the religious authority is the safety valve for the entire Iraqi people with all its components and affiliations and the cornerstone of civil peace. He explained that the fatwa on sufficiency jihad was not sectarian but was meant to defend and protect the Sunnis before the Shias, as it urged the youth to defend their country, land and honor, to stop the expansion of ISIS and to save the regions violated by ISIS, which are the western regions mostly inhabited by Sunnis. His eminence pointed out that the authority who issued the fatwa on sufficiency jihad is the same authority who published a historical document that defined the general framework and required behavior for all the fighters based on the Islamic vision.
Victory in Preaching, Jihad and Other Missions Can be Achieved through the Remembrance of Allah the Almighty
    Furthermore, his eminence indicated that victory in preaching and jihad, in overcoming challenges, in making accomplishments and in succeeding in all life situations, can be achieved through the remembrance of Allah the Almighty. He explained that The Almighty has mentioned in his holy book the issue of constructing mosques as places where the name of Allah is remembered and guidance is achieved, adding that The Almighty has defamed and prohibited the mosques that call for discord or that are the cause for bloodsheds among Muslims. His eminence insisted that the mosque represents a real source of power and terrorizes the enemies of Allah, highlighting that terrorism is targeting mosques and places of worship because it realizes that the power of the people lays in these mosques, Hussainiyas and churches. He finally called on the believers to profit from the holy month and encourage the people to remember Allah, and go to the mosques and fill them with supplications and remembrance.