Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, affirmed that the military and security project should move forward alongside with a political project aiming to reassure the Iraqi people and strengthen the national cohesion in order to defend the victories and gains. He explained that the civil peace and state building initiative is one of the national gateways to correctly foresee the future, insisting that defending the popular crowd is a national need for they are an essential pillar in the building of the state. His eminence stressed the importance of sparing no effort to make sure that no mistake is made under the cover of the popular crowd and no abuses are committed in the crowd’s name. He criticized the Iraqi, regional and international leaderships and media outlets that are describing the popular crowd as a militia and an unlawful forces and questioning their intentions and motives. His eminence wondered when the crowd would be considered legitimate then, if he’s moving upon the decision of the general commander of the armed forces, with the state weapons and equipment and according to the plans and orders of the Iraqi state. He also reiterated the importance of ratifying the National Guard Law as it is a significant step to establish the clear legitimate situation. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim called to provide the popular crowd with the weapons and ordnance just like the rest of the security forces including the army and the police. He urged to engage the citizens of the violated regions in freeing their land and taking control of it after liberation. His eminence extended his gratitude to the religious authority and the Islamic Republic for providing serious guidance in arranging the popular crowd, and praised the efforts of the prime minister and Iraqi diplomats who contributed to this success and to the defense of the popular crowd.
This came during the martyrdom and victory festival for honoring the families of popular crowd martyrs organized by Al Jihad wal Bina’ movement at the university of Baghdad on Saturday 13/6/2015.
    Furthermore, his eminence lauded the sufficiency jihad fatwa issued by Imam Sayyid Al Sistani (may Allah preserve him) and his eminence’s instructions to fight under one banner, that is the Iraqi flag. He called to provide care to the family of martyrs and to the wounded who need treatment abroad, insisting again on looking after the displaced families and working hard to bring them back as soon as their regions are freed without any delay. His eminence assured that Iraqis have no choice but to resist and confront the terrorism of ISIS, mentioning the quranic verses and stories highlighting steadiness in combat and the remembrance of Allah the Almighty for He gives the power to the combatants to protect their country and dignity.
    His eminence insisted that the nation that sacrifices its sons for the dogma and for the country is invincible and unbreakable and will acquire pride and dignity, commending the heroic position of the Al Jihad wal Bina’ combatants who stood up, fought and sacrificed under the dictatorship, had significant contributions in building the political process throughout the past decade, and were pioneers in the fields of Jihad for the sake of Allah.