Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the reformation projects throughout the history have been treated as unfamiliar and have been fought and the evil forces seek to block them, pointing to the importance of the rights system in the community and the determination of obligations and commitments.
    His Eminence considers that the most important elements of strength and cohesion in the community is when roles are exchanged, rights are integrated, all the citizens have their rights and everybody are equal and their rights are protected under this community. Al-Hakim pointed that rights entail obligations; so what is a right for a person or group is a commitment of the community towards this individual or that group. He added that my right is your duty towards me and your right is my duty towards you, explaining that when we talk about rights system, we have to determine the duties and obligations as they are two sides of the same coin and cannot be separated.
This came during the second night of Ramadan held on Friday, June 19, 2015, at his Eminence’s office.
    His Eminence pointed that the right in Islamic vision is a general concept that includes a set of rules, procedures, principles and contexts that regulate the relationship between the community members and regulate the relationship between the communities in their relations, explaining that the Islamic vision of the community rights is based on four key pillars represented by: human dignity - right doctrine – noble values - righteous behavior,  
    His Eminence underlined that the rights system in Islam is an integral one that gives no importance to the denomination or to the faith, but to all the people of the community by giving them the rights they deserve. He warned the believers from performing dubious acts, from heart’s diseases obduracy which will create later on the injustice, expressing his hope that the human perform good acts and dubious ones that will honor the person concerned in this world and the hereafter.