Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, affirmed that opulence generates injustice and that affableness, leisure, money, wealth and power without control creates a state of inaction, absorption in worldly life and remoteness from God the Almighty. He indicated that opulence has a destructive and dangerous effect on the path of humans towards God and divine perfection, as it leads him to injustice, tyranny, despotism, violation of sacred rites and disdain of people. His eminence explained that those of enduring discrimination are the elite, the believing group who, despite its small number and the devil’s move towards it, has a major role in the course of events and in protecting the nations and peoples from divine punishment. He clarified that when society is good, God the Almighty grants it mercy, and when society contains grave manifestations of corruption but has a believing good group working hard to fix it, the Almighty stops the punishment and gives the people a chance to fix their situation.
This came during the third night of Ramadan held on Saturday, June 20, 2015, at his Eminence’s office.
    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim pointed out that the role of the believing elite and the good group carrying the divine project in spreading goodness and guidance among people is an essential and vital role, for it stops or limits the comprehensiveness of divine punishment, explaining that this small group, like the holy Quran states, makes an effort to restrain corruption on earth, does not accept injustice and leaves no stone unturned to stop deviance and get society back on the path of guidance and righteousness no matter how strong the current of deviance is.  
   Furthermore, his eminence stated that God bestows a certain amount of blessing upon humans as an act of mercy, mentioning that some people fall into injustice and deviance because of the abundance of his money. In this regard, he said that the Almighty tries some through money and opulence and tests others through ordeals, assuring that money is not everything in life and has nothing to do with happiness or with making achievements and victories. His eminence finally insisted that the psychological illnesses are common among people who are opulent and have a lot of means, not among the poor people, and that the hideous crimes and vices exist only in opulent societies. He also said that people in the west miss the life full of emotions, feelings and social amiability due to their relation with God and with divine values.