Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the civil peace and state building initiative draws the interest of the political powers and is subject to their observations and enrichments, explaining that the initiative is the fruit of generous efforts and initiatives launched by Iraqis over one decade.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim noted in the press conference at the Kuwait Journalists Association in Kuwait on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 that the civil peace initiative did not speak with the language of denominations and components, yet included all cards in a project and a vision based on citizenship and everyone’s rights, stressing the importance of facing the crisis in Iraq with the logic and rhetoric of Iraq and of privileging the Iraqi people’s interests and their presence in it through their rights and ambitions.
    His Eminence compared between the security situation this year and that of the last year after the fall of Mosul. According to him, ISIS members were at the walls of Baghdad, but this year we see the initiative in the hands of the security forces, the popular crowd, the Iraqi tribes and the Peshmerga under the banner of the state and with their mutual synergy. His Eminence said he was happy to see the increasing attendance of the tribal men in the western regions to free their regions with the help of the security forces and the popular crow, making clear that that there is progress on all fronts, and only Ramadi was excluded from such progress, believing that the city didn’t fall because of a military failure in terms of munitions and troops and we are waiting for the results of the investigation which is now in an advanced stage.
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim also tackled Iraq’s economic reality, saying the drop of oil prices affected the budget since Iraq is dependent on oil and is waging a fierce war against ISIS by proxy of the world and the region, reminding that the maps of ISIS confirm the group’s targeting of states in the region to join them to their claimed state, considering the economic challenge as opportunity to get rid of the unilateral economy and an opportunity to go for investment and activate the industrial and agricultural in Iraq.     
    On the other hand, his Eminence expressed his grief for the situation of the displaced, for more than three million displaced people constitute a pressure on the community reality in Iraq, explaining that the efforts continue to free the land and bring back the displaced, after clearing the cities from the explosive devices and ensuring the safety of people. He added that displaced were back progressively to some cities such as Jalawla, Saadiyah and Tikrit, maintaining that Iraq is taking important steps to build bridges of love with the neighboring countries and that the international coalition composed of 64 of the biggest states of the world see Iraqis’ foe as its foe, and thus it has to play a bigger role in Iraq and to be more serious in supporting the security forces with air cover and intelligence information, and weapons.   
    The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq noted that ISIS is not a regular army, but a gang that fights relying on street war, troublemaking and engagement; however, they lost all forms of popular support after committing crimes against everyone. His eminence explained that there is a lack in weapons and materials; thus, Iraq is making its communications to provide arms, stressing that Iraq does not need any ground forces as there are armies of young Iraqis who are ready to liberate their land from ISIS.
His Eminence stressed that the popular crowd is exposed to great injustice by describing it as a militia, adding that the popular crowd fighters act under the State cover, fight with its weapons and it pay them their salaries. Al-Hakim considered that their answer to the country’s call and scarifying themselves for the liberation of the western regions are a proof for their patriotism and that the time has come for making them lose and not gain, adding that “somebody detects the errors committed and fabricates the accusations against the popular crowd, while errors are committed by everyone and by all armies of the world, including the US army.
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said the Iraqi government is considering the sale of Iraqi oil upon credit; which is an economic vision that includes Basra oil as well as all Iraqi oils in all Iraqi cities. He called for a political solution to the Syrian crisis that puts an end to the suffering of the Syrian people, stressing to adopt the dialogue to solve the problems of the region, respect spaces for each party and to not cross the red lines.