Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, insisted that those responsible for the fall of the city of Mosul admit their responsibility just as much as everyone is competing over the victories and claiming that they are due to their ideas, capacities and planning. His eminence explained that time goes by and there is no way to find out who are the ones who caused the fall of the city and the large numbers of martyrs killed as a result of those acts. He expressed his displeasure with everyone blaming others and the loss of innocent blood in the battle field. This came during the thirteen night of Ramadan held by his eminence at his office in Baghdad on Friday, 3/7/2015.
His eminence also called not to get attracted by narcissism and arrogance, to praise Allah for His blessings, for everything that happens to us is from Allah the Almighty, and to trust Him and be loyal in every kind work to Him, as it is wrong to say that such act was done only by me, thanks to my planning and my wisdom. In another context, his eminence indicated that a person who does not care about the missionary approach, or the movement of prophets and reformists is a person taken over by whims and lusts and engages in acts with vehemence and irresponsibility, unlike the person who follows tradition as this keeps any person within certain limits and enables him to use his potentials along the path of perfection and worship of Allah, and even in ways that help people and relieve their burdens. Sayyid Al Hakim finally considered that tradition is a great blessing because it enables us to build our actions on firm pillars and to commit to the Guardian Jurist, which increases faith and ensures a commitment to the missionary project that helps us orient ourselves and strengthen our personality and puts us back on the right track if we make a mistake.