Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called for fighting the perverted and devious thoughts that are putting the youth in danger and turning them into time bombs within the community. His Eminence said we must stand up to the thoughts, books and platforms promoting terrorism as well as the devious thoughts and to protect the youth against them, while also fighting terrorists militarily. This came in the speech delivered by his Eminence during the nights of Ramadan he held at his office in Baghdad on Saturday, July 4, 2015, warning against the risk of the books, movies, media publications and platforms promoting terror and destructive ideas unless they are resisted and given too much importance. He added that the promoters of the extremist and radical thought are more dangerous than terrorists themselves because they are factories producing those terrorist monsters who have misinterpretation of the things, thus turning those young people into restricted-minded slaves and putting them in danger. According to him, some ideas are promoting modernity, but these are delusive ideas intended to shake the beliefs, disrupt the real faith, and raise doubts under terms such as modernity, correction, freedom of expression and other bombastic terms. Moreover, his Eminence explained that the modernity that establishes and strengthens our beliefs and doctrines and which gives new form to the authenticity is a modernity we appreciate; otherwise, we must fight it, forbid it and resist it and its promoters, calling on the grand scholars and Faqihs to stand up to such thoughts and to refute them since they are immune against them and to not let them manipulate people’s minds, thoughts and beliefs or change the good fitrah upon which Allah created all His people. Finally, he said as long as this is undone, the community protections will be unable to keep away such thoughts which have been contaminated with perverted behaviors, destructive habits and devious ideas that lead to a continuous flow of terrorists and extremists into our countries.