Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the importance of putting out the fire of extremism and of countering the extremist school that calls for killing and rejecting the other, explaining that the political solution is not contradictory or a replacement to the security one and that each complements the other for the problem in Iraq is complicated, maintaining that Iraq is a country that has all the success factors but its factors are disarranged. Here, he said he is optimistic about the Iraqi situation and the ability of Iraq to overcome the current crisis, calling for dealing with the situation with optimism away from depression. He added that the terrorism which targets everyone shows that the conflict is not between Shia and Sunnis as terrorists try to describe it, recalling the events in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt which are one single sect countries.
This came in a speech delivered by his Eminence at the session of Multaqa Rafidayn and the discussion about the civil peace and state building pact at his office in Baghdad on Sunday, July 5, 2015.
    His Eminence renewed his depiction of the civil peace initiative as Iraqi initiative that belongs to no one, saying it is the fruit of the previous efforts and initiatives. He maintained that it was set up under the constitution and that the constitution can be modified according to the contexts it was created for. In his opinion, the citizenship does not mean that the components should not stick to their privacy, for sectarianism is not the same as the sect since the latter is a source of enrichment and a proof of diverse analyses. The head of the Supreme Council said the time is opportune for a historic settlement based on mutual concessions to protect Iraq, urging the community and its institutions to sponsor and enrich the initiative, for the initiative does not mean to go back to the starting point, and that it is the building of the state of institutions that makes all citizens feel justice which leads to peace.