Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, affirmed that the International Quds Day is an occasion to remember all the conspiracies planned against our Arab and Muslim nation so that we take proper stances in their regard. His eminence indicated that we should always keep commemorating this anniversary in order to instill this centrality, considering that the International Quds Day represents a Muslim, not a Palestinian, cause and symbolizes the confrontation of injustice and aggressors, and is also a way to voice condemnation of anyone usurping the land and claiming legitimacy. His eminence called upon the international organizations, the security council and the world to assume their role and take world decisions that do justice to the Palestinian people, as well as to end this silence with regards to the violated Palestinian rights and historic pretentions inconsistent with the realities in the usurped lands.
This came in the speech delivered by his eminence in the festive Ramadan night held at his office in Baghdad on Thursday, 9/7/2015.
    His eminence reminded the attendees of the religious authorities’ positions from Al Quds and the Palestinian cause and of their support to the armed struggle that the Arab Palestinian people has fought and is still fighting to stand up to the Zionist avidities, starting from the position of his eminence Sayyid Mohammad Hussein Kashef Al Ghita’ who participated himself in conferences about Al Quds and the supreme authority Sayyid Mohsen Al Hakim who was the first to issue a fatwa on the legitimacy of martyr suicide and military action against the Zionist entity in support of the Palestinian people, and the first scholar to issue a fatwa on the permissibility of paying Zakat to support the Palestinians in their fair battle against the Zionist entity, and the first to condemn the Iranian regime of the Shah at the time for recognizing the Zionist entity and holding the Israeli flag in Tehran. In a related context, his eminence held the Israeli entity the responsibility for the spread of ISIS by giving indirect assistance to it and flaring up the conflict and disputes between the Arab countries. Sayyid Al Hakim insisted that the division and disputes between the Arabs only benefit the Israeli entity, which means that we must face this fierce attack on our religion, land and life pillars. His eminence also mentioned the religious authority’s fatwa on sufficiency jihad and the sacrifices of our youth whose pure blood will give us pride and dignity in the future and mercy from Allah as well as a great victory. He insisted that the combatants from the armed forces and the popular crowd should have patience because victory requires the mercy and support of Allah promised to His patient servants. Finally, his eminence spoke about the Zionist allegations regarding the Zionist entity’s right to the Palestinian territories and Al Quds, noting that they are based on outdated historical information.