Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, discussed with the representative of the CMI non-governmental organization the national reconciliation efforts in Iraq. His eminence assured that the civil peace and state building initiative did not talk about sects and components but had an inclusive approach, based on a project and a vision built on citizenship and the rights of the people. He stressed the need to face the Iraqi crisis with the inclusive logic of Iraq and to look for the interests of the Iraqi people so as to guarantee their rights and ambitions, reiterating that the security measures and victories over ISIS should be coupled with political and social steps.
This came when Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim was receiving His Excellency the Ambassador Noureddine Safi, the representative of CMI at his office in Baghdad on Sunday, 12/7/2015.
For his part, Safi Affirmed that the civil peace initiative announced by Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim represents a good and model solution to the Iraqi crisis, explaining that the organization, in coordination with the United Nations, will make efforts to hold further dialogues with the different Iraqi parties in order to activate the initiative and solve the pending problems. He also indicated that the CMI organization has met many Iraqi officials, on the top of which the President of the Republic Fuad Massum, to bring solutions to maturity and enhance the national reconciliation between Iraqis.
It should be mentioned that CMI is an independent civil society organization currently headed by the former Finnish President, Martti Ahstissari.