Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, assured that demonstrating is a right guaranteed by the constitution and one of the features of democratic regimes, calling to respond to the demands of the demonstrators who requested the provision of services and a fight against corruption from penetration and shifting towards political interests. His eminence explained that demonstration is in itself a call addressed to the political forces to improve their political performance, stressing the need to close the gap between the citizens and the officials and noting that the decrease of salaries will contributing to this process. He also highlighted the importance of administrative decentralization as a way to establish social justice, indicating that administrative decentralization, albeit administrative, encompasses political aspects through the reassurance of people. Sayyid Al Hakim called to speed up the implementation of decentralization without thoughtlessness, adding that shifting the powers to the local governments does not mean cancelling the ministries as the latter will maintain their political prerogatives. He underlined as well that the relationship between the center and the local governments ought to be an integrated relationship based on the distribution of roles and the decrease of the burdens bore by the federal government.
This came at the Diwan Baghdad for political elites held at his eminence’s office in Baghdad on Saturday, 1/8/2015.
    His eminence maintained that the equation that guarantees everyone’s rights is that of a strong center and strong peripheries, because a strong center with weak peripheries indicates a dictatorship and appropriation and a weak center with strong peripheries indicate disintegration. He reminded the attendees that the constitution has shed light on the importance of administrative balance in the country, noting that the establishment of regions as a reaction to something does not serve the unity of Iraq. His eminence considered that the failure of the provinces is due to the lack of implementation of the laws that grant governors powers and thus make them face the anger of their public who elected them. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim explained that the petrodollar is the right of oil producing provinces as a compensation for the environmental consequences they endure and the banned use of their agricultural lands, insisting that the provinces should play a role in the making of the country’s higher policies.