Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, confirmed that demonstrating is a legitimate and constitutional right and a manifestation of democracy. His Eminence praised the discipline of the demonstrators who deported offenders who want to exploit these demonstrations, warning from the terrorism of ISIS and some of the crowds that come from across the borders in an attempt to exploit this kind and honest feelings and deflect it from its path into wrong directions. Sayyid al-Hakim indicated that there are intelligence data that indicate that the enemy wants to drag the security disturbance into the safe areas and provinces to confuse the situation in the battlefield against ISIS. His Eminence stressed that the enemy does not succeed in dragging the security chaos into our areas and it will remain safe if God wills, as long as we keep the public awareness that we find in the demonstrations, stressing on the need to focus on ISIS, terrorism, and the safety of our countries.
This came in a memorial ceremony held in the seventeenth anniversary of the martyrdom of Ayatollah Martyr Sayyid Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq as-Sadr (may Allah sanctify his soul), in Baghdad on Saturday 22/08/2015.
Demonstrating, claiming rights and reforms must be Iraqi and a part of the Iraqi house. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim confirmed that some of the media works according to an agenda from behind the borders and some dark rooms that hold meetings these days, noting that this matter does not show the existence of good intentions that help maintain the situation, but to confuse this country and drag it to chaos. His Eminence added that we will defend this country by our souls and our blood, and we will not accept for anyone to take it away from us, which we have kept through the sacrifices of our people over more than a decade. Sayyid al-Hakim warned from some moves that may not be in the interest of the Iraqi people, urging that demonstrating and claiming rights and reforms shall be in the framework of the Iraqi house and not through any other procedures, noting that the talk about the fighters and thwarting ISIS ranks low in the news, calling for the re-attention and focus on the battle fronts and the tournaments of the combatants and notifying those heroes that we are with them.
Focusing on the Basic Reforms and the Practical Steps
    His Eminence emphasized that the political and administrative reforms are very important, stressing on the need to focus on the real and basic reforms and the practical steps that each citizen senses its results, touch it on a daily basis, and meets his real needs, noting that the Constitution is the core base of the political process, and the political system works thanks to the blessings of the  blood of the martyrs, the sacrifices of the people and the faithful who drafted the Constitution that may need some adjustments. His Eminence pointed out that the Constitution itself put the mechanisms to be modified, noting that it is not true to release slogans for an extensive change in the Constitution without clear formats because that means we’re going into the unknown, warning from the foreign interventions in this matter.

A Call for Politicians to Clear the Atmosphere
    Moreover, his eminence called on the political class and the national political leaderships to clear the atmosphere between each other and join forces, explaining that he pledges love, goodwill, and kindness to all the National Alliance Forces and the national forces to put hand in hand, unite in the face of challenges, to service the people, and to meet their needs and the reforms they are looking for. He insisted on remembering the role of the religious authority who did its duty, be it at the security level by issuing fatwas and mobilizing believing youth to face the terrorism of ISIS, or at the level of motivating the politicians and officials to service the people and introduce the demanded reforms. His eminence expressed as well his deep regret for the unjust targeting of the religious authority, Islam and religious values in Iraq by small groups here and there attempting to use the feelings of people and suggest that the problems are caused by Islamists and pious people. He highlighted the need to distinguish between the corrupt and others, stressing that corrupt people should be confronted whoever they are, calling to deliver the corrupt to justice when proof exists so they can get their fair punishment. His eminence expressed his objection on what some are circulating about everyone being bribed and corrupt and neglectful of their duties, indicating that this view is exaggerated and unrealistic and calling not to unjust to officials who are performing their duties, defending their people and serving their country. Sayyid Al Hakim stressed the need to stand in solidarity with our armed forces, the army, the federal police, the popular crowd, the tribe members and the Peshmerga and to focus on supporting the armed forces and the popular crowd, those heroes who are fighting ISIS, and making them feel that we support them and will not abandon them and are ready to present the necessary moral and financial support to them in this battle. His eminence stated that ISIS is using our positive feelings and honest intentions to reform in order to activate its criminal actions by attacking our regions and trying to recover and violate part of the lands recovered by our armed forces.
The Martyr As Sadr, A Pious Scholar who Carried a Social and Political Project
    Furthermore, His eminence assured that the martyr Sayyid Mohammed As Sadr is a pious scholar who carried a social and political project, insisting that talking about this influential personality in our modern history means talking about the role of a religious authority and its abundant offerings throughout a long history and throughout centuries since the occultation until our present day. He added that talking about the martyr Sayyed Mohammed As Sadr means talking about jihad in the sake of Allah the Almighty in its broad meaning, pointing out that jihad in Islam is not achieved by carrying weapons but is rather a spiritual jihad, a jihad of money and science, a jihad of reconstruction; it is each movement that serves the nation and pushes it towards the right paths.