Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq warned of the schemes trying to drag chaos to the central and southern regions, stressing that demonstration is a right for citizens who are claiming services, reforms, and anti-corruption. He also called for fighting corruption without facing Iraqi state pillars, indicating that the majority of the demonstrators are from the national people who protect the state. Al Hakim added: "But there is a small group that is trying to ride the wave and to take the demonstrations far from their original spaces.
This came in the speech of His Eminence in Diwan Baghdad to the leaders of clans and tribes in his office in Baghdad on Saturday, 22/8/2015.
    His Eminence said that corruption needs to be hit with an iron fist, adding that the corrupters use legal tricks and laws’ gaps to break through, which requires a package of legislations to prevent corruption at the time of fighting it. Moreover, he indicated that Iraq is facing great challenges and living a historic moment and the bet of Iraq's social and political leaders to end its crisis and they are the one who can do it, noting that the indicators of the return of national unity of Iraqi society is the significant decline in the number of Iraqis in ISIS exclusively.
   Mr. Ammar al-Hakim pointed out that Iraqi people gather on a single enemy represented by ISIS and that Iraq is a strong country with its potentials and human wealth, stressing to make security a priority on top of all priorities. But making the security a priority does not mean not to go to the draft reform and fighting corruption, because in the absence of security state pillars will be  threatened  and reforms cannot  be made with a state having its pillars threatened. Furthermore, he called for supporting the popular crowd and fighters and expressed surprise at targeting religion. In fact, the mistaken should be held accountable in person. Religion does not bear the consequences of its affiliates or who exploits it for personal gain.
    His Eminence expressed his objection to the language of generalization and accusing everyone, noting that the state and if it was suffering from a financial scarce, can move the market by stimulating citizens. He added that routine is the basic material of corruption and starting the fight against corruption begins from fighting routine and redundant episodes and reducing the struggles between citizen and employees, mentioning that the National Guard Law will protect and preserve the efforts of the fighters. He finally stressed on making the law as the only irreplaceable way to change the officials and the conservatives.