Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, refers the migration phenomenon that is prevailing between the youths to the frustration status that they are living, explaining that the presence of a stimulating issue that prevents frustration can reduce this phenomenon. He noted that one of the reform goals is to reform the structure of the state and to remove the frustration status among Iraqi youths through programs and plans that contribute in attaching the Iraqi youths to their land, homeland, and case. His Eminence also called the media to play a positive role in removing the status of frustration, noting that there is short, medium and long term reforms.
During His Eminence’s speech to the Civil Society Activists and Youths Competencies in the Diwan of Baghdad at his office on Saturday 9/5/2015, he pointed out that the timing of the immigration phenomenon and its emergence to this extent raises more than one question especially that there is nothing new in the Iraqi situation, and if Iraqi youths are thinking of immigration then we should have found an increase of this phenomenon when ISIS took control over some regions in Iraq. On the contrary, we found youths who tied weapons into their arms and went to the battle field to defend the land and holy shrines. His Eminence called to radical, comprehensive, serious, balanced, legal, and constitutional reforms. He also reminded of guiding the reference to adapt the reforms with the law and the Constitution in order to be a long-term reform.
Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq called for reviving the economy through launching projects that motivate it and without tiring the budget or forming any financial burden on it, describing the events as a need and protest and it’s in both cases a constitutional right and a scene that proves the depth of the democratic Iraqi experience, which some misses its value. His Eminence stressed the importance of finding a comprehensive vision against corruption through closing the gaps that leak corruption and considering mismanagement, lagging projects, and unneeded projects a greater corruption than thefts corruption and enrichment  at the expense of public money. Sayyid al-Hakim noted that the government did well when it dealt positively with the demonstrations and provided, helped, and served the demonstrators, which reflected positively on the relationship between the security men and the demonstrators.
His Eminence pointed out that the judicial reform requires expediting the enactment of the Federal Court Act, stressing on reforming the security organization, developing, supporting, and training it to be more effective when highly appreciating its effort in confronting ISIS gangs. Sayyid al-Hakim renewed his support to the reform and the Prime Minister, considering the reform as the first step in the right direction, which requires the support of the legislative institution and the political forces to the reforms. He also noted that the parliamentary system has pros and cons, but there’s no ability to go toward the presidential system at the moment for the weakness of the institutions that the individual that is given all the powers will invest at. His Eminence called for studying some the ideas before launching and presenting it to the experiments so that we can judge its validity with the Iraqi experience.