Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed on supporting the Turkmen and working actively to reduce the burden that they suffered from because of the terrorist attack that targeted them for belonging to Ahlulbayt in the regions of Tal Afar, Nineveh Plain, Bashir villages and others.
This came when His Eminence received the delegation of the Supreme Body to save the Turkmen headed by Professor Mohammad Mahdi al-Bayati on Monday 14/09/2015.
They also discussed during the meeting the situation of the Turkmen and how the world is receiving the suffering of this true Iraqi people. His Eminence called the governmental institutions and the local and international civil society organizations to do its duty to solve the problems of the Turkmen and support them by providing shelter, health, and education. Sayyid al-Hakim assured that the National Alliance is with all the people including the Turkmen people.
The delegation supreme body to save the Turkmen was chaired by Mr. Mohammad Mahdi al-Bayati with the membership of Dr. Zain al-Abedin and Dr. Ali al-Bayati.