Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council, warned of the spread of the phenomenon of terrorism in its different types if it has not been addressed and eradicated from its roots, noting that terrorism cannot be addressed only by the military machine even if it is necessary. However, the radical solution for terrorism is that military approach should be accompanied by intellectual, economic and social solutions. He namely blamed the international civil society organizations for having the responsibility to redouble efforts in countering the terrorist ideology by showing the importance of peace and the acceptance of others in people\'s lives.

His Eminence, during a meeting with the delegation of the U.S. Institute of Peace, headed by its chairman, Stephen Hadley, and the president of the organization Nancy Landberk in his office in Baghdad on Sunday September 13th 2015, discussed the political developments in the region and Iraq and the war on ISIS, stressing the unity of Iraq\'s land and people. He also added that who denies this unity that represents everyone’s fate, jumps on the facts of Iraq’s history and geography and not least the synergy that happened between the Iraqi people from the army, police, popular crowd, Peshmerga, and noble Arab clans in which all roles have been integrated to expel ISIS and sustain the momentum of victories of Amerli, Dhuluiya, Baiji, modern cities and resistant Baghdadi.

About the role of the international coalition in Iraq, Al-Hakim said that Iraq is waiting a role bigger than that of the international coalition, stressing that breaking the back of terrorism happens through the support of the security forces in Iraq, since they are best able to defeat terrorism. Moreover, he called for cutting logistical and human terrorism’s funding.