Sayyid Ammar al Hakim, head of the Islamic supreme council of Iraq, stresses on the importance of developing the relations between Iraq and the neighboring countries, noting that the new Iraq is an opened Iraq to everyone and is seeking to develop its relations in accordance with the common interests with other regional , Arab, and international countries.

This came during a meeting when His Eminence received the Iraqi Ambassador to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rashid al-Ani at his office on Monday morning 21/09/2015.
His Eminence expressed that Iraq today seeks to be a bridge that dissolves the region\'s troubles, calling to evoke the common interests between the countries of the region and to adopt the principle of complementarily with each other instead of the estrangement that do not serve anyone. He also urged the Iraqi ambassador to transfer the true picture of the reality of Iraq and the cohesion of its citizens in the face of ISIS, as well as urging him to pay attention to the economic aspects and the Iraqi community.
For his part, al Ani showed His Eminence the platform and his vision for the work of the Iraqi Embassy in Saudi Arabia, noting that it is for all Iraqis without exception.