At the time when Dr. Abadi’s government shows that it is seeking to produce a vision for the project of the State and that it has the will for doing that, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq called on the Iraqi government to be clear, explicit, and transparent with the benevolent forces in this country that believe in assisting it and providing it with the necessary covers. He also noted that the government needs everyone’s support since the reality is difficult and complicated and cannot be reformed in a day and a night, urging the government to invest the support of the religious authority to start radical reforms, and recalling that Iraq is large and its reality is overlapping and any party whatever it is cannot lead it alone nor can any person whatever he is conduct it to safety. Moreover, he considered that the real participation is the basis of success and individuality and exceptionalism are the reason for failure and the basis of scourge, reiterating his support for the government as long as it believes in the project of building a State of institutions, and presuming that Iraq today is facing a project of building from the ground and it should be an integrated process. Al-Hakim also called al-Abadi for being more patient on his brothers and to engage more courageously in conducting the effective and radical reforms and to communicate and explain more his steps and work program, pointing out the importance of communication to create a common understanding. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of correct procedures to address the financial crisis and the serious, radical, comprehensive, balanced, constitutional and collective reforms, as well as the use of the best men and expertise in order to get the country out from this critical juncture, calling for expliciting people that the financial crisis is not an emergency and it may last for years, and the government should develop a deliberate economic program and find ways to address the economic paralysis that Iraq is facing today.

This came in the speech of Eid al-Adha prayers in Baghdad on Thursday September 24, 2015.

Iraq Crises are Victory Crises and not Crises of Defeat and Retreat

His Eminence revealed that the demonstrations began spontaneously and expressed the frustration of young people from the service conditions, adding that \"there are various hidden hands that wanted to make these protests as their narrow political interests and use them in purging their opponents,\" referring to the attempts of some to direct the protests against the Islamic Movement, to burden it with the surcharge of country failure, and to undermine its Islamic characters. Besides, he indicated that the betting was on the awareness of Iraqi people and its realization of the existence of intentions and clear backgrounds to those who promoted the protests and the objectives that hide behind them , recalling that people who led Iraq since the founding of the Iraqi state, except the last decade, weren’t Muslim, and Iraq suffered during their from internal and external wars while the Islamic Movement was part of a political process in the last decade and does not bear the failure alone. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim also pointed to the existence of regional and international forces that were active on the Iraqi arena and that their interventions contributed to the failure, stressing to address the attempts of people frustration to undermine the movement that gave sacrifices and martyrs, and noting that Iraqi people is aware of the miscarriage campaigns that will not deter it from its doctrinal choices and its belief in its sincere movements. Moreover, he expressed his awareness of the frustration experienced by the young, their tight hope, and their resorting to immigration, telling them that Iraq is for them, its wealth is theirs, and the future is for them whatever the difficulty of the present is. He also described the crises experienced by the Iraq as \"crises’ victory and not crises of defeat and retreat, crises of transition to a new stage,\" noting that there are great successes achieved but their poor investment made things bounce on the Iraqis, stressing the move to reform, the unification of lines and the raise of hope, urging young people to adhere to the country, the hope and the project, reminding them of the imminent victory that cannot be retreated at the last moments.

Call for Regional Dialogue with Universal Support

His Eminence called the major regional countries (Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq) to hold a meeting to find solutions for the most complicated zone files, especially the Syrian, Yemeni, and Bahrain’s files with the support of the major powers, the security council, the united nations, and the European union. As well as supporting Iraq financially and politically in its open war against terrorism. There are millions of displaced persons, there are countries on the brink of collapse, and there is an international bloody terrorism that subsists on these conflicts, and no one can escape from it no matter how far or protected. His Eminence described the region’s conflicts as regional, and it’s no longer unilateral or bilateral. The solution comes by concerted regional efforts with international support, noting that Iraqis have worked with all their strength to keep Iraq from the axes of conflict, but it was bigger than their abilities. Sayyid al-Hakim described the current phase of the conflict as cumulative and whole states became distressed and disjointed. There are military and political alliances that were formed and entered into direct and indirect conflicts, in addition to the international intervention patterns that became permissible in the region. His Eminence also expressed his firm certainty that no one will get out of the conflict as a conqueror because the conflict will destroy everything even the illusionist that they are conquerors. One again he renews his vision that the resolve of the problem will be by eradicating all the thorny and interrelated files through dialogue because the problems are purely political and can’t be solved military.

Iraq is Fighting the Roots of Historical Deviation and its Contemporary Projections

His Eminence expressed that Iraq worked hard to become a bridge for meetings and a conduit for the regional relations, but the regional and international conflict of wills was much larger than its limited abilities and the wishes of its deprived people to live in freedom and peace. He noted that Iraq is not fighting a specific terrorist faction or a deviant group here or there, but it’s fighting the roots of historical deviation and its contemporary projections, it’s fighting who don’t believe in a decent free life which Allah bestowed, they twist His words, distort His message, and they are providing a great service for the enemies of Allah, Islam, and humanity. His Eminence described the battle as long and fierce and it requires a kit of power, alliance, and reliance on Allah, considering the battle of reform as a different battle added to the battle of facing delinquency and atonement, expressing His regret for the lack of investment of capabilities to build better life for citizens and stronger institutions for the state. Sayyid al-Hakim returned the preoccupation of the political forces with the narrow partisan and factional conflicts and foreign interventions as the reason of wasting a great opportunity to the people and the country that is difficult to compensate.