Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, considers the war against ISIS a war of doctrine and not a war of armies, noting that the enemies targeting Iraqis without perverted doctrine motives, adding that the one with the right, solid, and well established doctrine will win. He pointed out that this war waged by Iraq as a people and state is a sacred war from the fatwa of the religious authority which is a blessing from God to the Iraqis, and which has become the focus of the world attention and everyone knows its value. His Eminence stressed that today the world listens to the words of Najaf and rearrange its priorities in the region according to its own priorities. He expressed his confidence in the victory of the Iraqis in their holy war, stressing that retreating is rejected despite the fact that the Iraqi experience is still young, confused, and intertwined with the internal and external factors which requires amendment. Sayyid al-Hakim called on the government to invest this precious opportunity the religious authority's support to the maximum in order to promote the burdens and the responsibilities entrusted to it, and create genuine partnerships in the reform and move forward strongly and consistently.

This came in His Eminence's speech in the Twenty-Ninth Conference of the Communicants held by the Martyr of the Niche foundation in Najaf on Thursday 08/01/2015.

Communicants are the First Line of Defense and more Important than the Military Machine.

His Eminence praised the pivotal role of Iraq in the movement of history, noting that the politicians in the world have their reasons and their evidence, and Iraqis have their faith in the divine estimation and they are counting it geographically, but we are committed to the project. His Eminence noted that Iraq's role is beyond its borders and that it has a sacred task that is not completed. Sayyid al-Hakim addressing the Communicants, today is a time of great sedition, which increases the responsibility of the communicant for they are the first line of defense that is more important than the military machine. He stressed that immigration is a big problem and everyone should take responsibility, which requires closeness between youth and seek their needs and problems. Sayyid al-Hakim expressed his regret for the migration of youth and their exposure to the risk of death. He expressing that migration is not an absolute evil, especially if it was for the purpose of work, studying, or running away from injustice, but also walking into the unknown in the atmosphere of frustration ring the bells of danger and endure us a great responsibility and shows our failure in our missionary role in the society. His Eminence called for dialogue with the elites in the community and to listen to them as a part of the culture of dialogue, showing that communities are experiencing significant shifts that may be radical and dialogue is very important at this stage, and involving the elites must be a priority.

The conference witnessed speeches for great religious figures that were read on their behalf, where the religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Said al-Hakim and Ayatollah Sheikh Mohammad Ishaq al-Fayad and Ayatollah Sheikh Bashir al-Najafi focused on the reform and prviding services to the citizens and the fight against corruption and supporting the fighters in the battlefield.