Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, reiterated his support to the reforms that are serious, radical, comprehensive, and balanced and compatible with the Law and the Constitution, calling for making the reforms a national model that everyone agrees upon to build the country through a clear vision and accurate plans. He also noted that the reform in its biggest part is legislative and constitutes the basis of executive and judiciary reform.
This came during his meeting with Deputy Khalaf Abdul Samad, the head of al-Dawa parliamentary bloc, in his office in Baghdad on Sunday October 11th, 2015.
His Eminence called upon the parliament to intensify its efforts to adopt important laws where some of them are related to the state’s structure as the Law of Federal Court, and others address the economic and social crisis as the Law of Investment, urging the government to listen to the competent elites, and to develop economic treatments capable of advancing the country’s economic potentials without relying on oil and to bring the phenomenon of the rentier state to an end.