Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, discussed with US Ambassador, Stuart Jones, in his office in Baghdad on Thursday October 15, 2015 the developments in the political situation and the role of the international coalition in the war against ISIS, calling for a role greater than that of the coalition in the war against ISIS, activating international laws in the fight against terrorism, cutting its funding, and combating its thoughts.
His Eminence praised the victories achieved by the security forces in Baiji, As Siniya, in the refinery, and in the city of Ramadi, indicating that these victories are a clear evidence of the ability of Iraqis to defeat terrorism.
    What do they need from the world that they have been fighting on behalf is logistical support and intelligence information.
His Eminence mentioned the political crisis in the region, calling for resolving it through dialogue and evoking political wisdom, asserting that there is no top priority other than fighting terrorism and removing its danger on Iraq generally and on Kurdistan Region of Iraq.
In addition, His Eminence discussed with Jones the situation of displaced people and the efforts that could alleviate their suffering with the advent of winter.