Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, praised the victories achieved by the security forces, the popular mobilization forces, and the tribal members in al Anbar and Baiji, blessing the rapid progress that has caused a collapse and refract in the ranks of the enemies.
His Eminence considered the nation that has this determination of the families of the martyrs, and these attitudes of the mothers and fathers when sending their sons to defend Iraq, Islam, and faith as a nation that never dies.

This came at the fourth night of Muharram at the commemoration of Imam Hussein (pbuh) that was held at His Eminence's office in Baghdad, on Saturday 17/10/2015.

His Eminence expressed that such sacrifices are a real commiseration for the sacrifices of Ahlul Bayt, and the Iraqi women are following Om el Banin, who sacrificed by her four sons for the sake of the missionary project.

Sayyid al-Hakim noted in his speech about asceticism that asceticism does not mean not own the thing, but it means not to possess you, and the vision of Islam is not as it's understood nowadays to wear old clothes and to appear in an absurd look.Asceticism is necessary with a good looking for ascetics may be accused sometimes by richness for their self-control.Pointing out that asceticism is a tool for having an insight for the believer.