His eminence expressed his dissatisfaction toward the government’s reformation process that had stopped at the announced issues announced only and did not continue the efforts is spite of all the support given by the religious authority and people to move forward for an inclusive reformation. Chairman Supreme Islamic Council Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim renewed his call for balanced, inclusive and radical reformations that would be conducted per laws and constitution. His eminence explained that the current economic crisis in Iraq is in fact a hindering factor, yet this can be a motivation to restore agricultural, industrial and tourism national production sectors, considering that all factors of success are available in Iraq, but it needs to be reorganized.
His eminence, during the Shahid Al-Miharab (Martyr of the Niche) Consultative council board meeting at his Baghdad office on January 18, 2016, talked about the cons of Rentier States, and the importance of preparing plans to exit this status; indicating the fact that the government is able to cover its employees’ salary obligations. Therefore, the situation is not that dramatic as advertised by some sides.
In respect of security status, his eminence believes that the security situation is improving; liberating Ramadi city is a living proof, in spite of the ISIS elements’ unsuccessful attempts in all areas that they had targeted to open new battle front trying to mitigate the pressure of their defeats. His eminence indicated that ISIS in Iraq is reaching his final chapter and eliminating ISIS presence is only a matter of time.
In respect of Shahid Al-Mihrab movement situation, his eminence emphasized on the importance of communicating with the Iraqi people and trying to solve their difficulties using the available potentials, adding to that providing care and support for the families of our martyrs and visiting our injured people especially Popular Mobilization Forces martyrs and injured individuals.