Chairman Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq (SICI) Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim discussed with Nenawa governor Mr. Nawfal Sultan the security preparations planned to liberate Mousol city ajd the status of displaced people.


His Eminence and during his meeting with Nenawa governor at SICI Baghdad office on Tuesday, January 19, 2016, noted that it\'s important for the political and social leaderships to embrace their role post ISIS phase. His Eminence also emphasized that ISIS was not a mere of a security breach, but also groups of criminals that their actions created dangerous and harmful outcomes against the Iraqi society, indicating that eliminating ISIS is on its final phases and only a matter of time. His Eminence also noted that Mousol city is characterized by it\'s important cultural variety, which must be maintained by restoring all displaced families who are associated to various communities including Turkmen, Christians, Shabak and Yezidi cults to their original locations. His Eminence added; liberating Mousol city can only be achieved by high level OF coordinations between Iraqi Army, Iraqi Police, people of Mousol and the Peshmerga forces.