Chairman Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq (SICI) Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim called for an Islamic discussion table to agree on respecting multiplicity, differences and ranges of power, explaining that referring to a discussion table is inevitable in spite of the intensification of disagreements, pointing that sects and doctrines have mutual outlines in all religions including Islam, and all are reliable to the responsibility of keeping peace, homelands and future generations.


His eminence during meeting with Islamic Parliament delegations at the 11th conference held in Baghdad, on January 24, 2016, Sunday, indicated that Islam is the final divine plan for humanity, as the Islamic nation struggle against accusations and suffer from defending their message that represent love and peace for there are no injustice, assaults or derogation to other religions in Islamic teaching, expressing his regrets that hate and infidelity had spread in the Islamic nation. His eminences wondered the source of terrorists’ support, calling to stand strongly against who are misrepresenting Islam and plant division, pointing that Iraqi people suffer from Takfiri Terrorism that had occupied the nation away from the original case represented in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict.