Chairman Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq (SICI) Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim met with France ambassador Mr. Marc Barety at his eminence’s Baghdad office on January 28, 2016 Thursday. Both sides discussed security status and development of war against ISIS, and tge triumphs achieved by security forces, Popular Forces, peshmerga and tribes.


His Eminence emphasized the importance of international role in supporting displaced families in Iraq and reconstruction of liberated areas, indicating that Iraq had exceptionally defeated ISIS and still in the battlefield fighting against terrorism in behalf of the remaining world, and the terrorism afflicted world including recently France must support Iraq to eliminate this tumor. His Eminence indicated that there are a number of means to provide support including trainings, providing weapons, sharing intelligence information, countering extremism and prevent supplies to ISIS, confirming that Iraq will remain united pre and post ISIS phase because unity is an indisputable for all with reference to what is happening in the region and the world.