At the meeting of the three presidencies (The president of Iraq, Prime minister and the President of the Iraqi parliament) and leaders of political blocs that took place in the office of President Dr. Fuad Masum president of Iraq on January 28, 2016, Thursday, chairman Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq (SICI) Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim called to find a united vision in order to save Iraq from its current crisis, noting the necessity of considering the post ISIS phase and resolute social issues and reconstruction of liberated areas, plus maintaining the control of Security forces, Popular Forces , tribes and Peshmerga against ISIS. His eminence indicated that all should practice concessions and to meet half way favoring commonweal over any side or self interests .


   In respect of the financial crisis his eminence renewed affirming that Iraq has a lot of success factors, but needs prioritizing, and he appreciated all the efforts spent in preventing sedition in Muqdadiyah area, Diyala province, calling to focus on peaceful coexistence examples that shows the true Iraqis.