Chairman Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim confirmed that all honest people in this country are seeking reform and change for the best, expressing his confidence of the awareness of the Iraqi people that know the nature of corruption no matter how it is misled and covered, knowledge is power and soon enough everything will be public as the world is living in the time of free and fast communication that holds no secrets, reminding his demand to transform the National Alliance to a more powerful institution operating by an institutionalized system, expressing his regret for not paying attention to this early warning, noting that what is happening today is one of the results of National Alliance split, which represents the political basis of which produced a candidate for the presidency of the Council of Ministers, pointing out the seriousness of transforming the National Alliance split from the political status to the parliamentary status and within the halls of government, noting that demonstrating error and warning of a behavior is due to observing the spark that might make a fire, and warning was not intended for rhetoric or theorizing purposes, adding, \"but unfortunately there are those do not understand the language of warning until fire catches his clothes.”


His Eminence during the celebration of the birth of Imam Ali, peace be upon him at his office in Baghdad Wednesday, 04/20/2016. Stated: “Today we are facing the most serious crisis of Iraq, at which the crisis reached the legitimacy of Iraqi state that that established the entire state structures and institutions and that\'s what did not ever happen before,\" Warning that the reform and the search for solutions and promoting the performance and protecting people and securing their future cannot be by staging a coup against legitimacy and dividing and weakening it, calling for the differing in everything and to vary the views of point in all directions, but must be under the legality and state institutions, citing countries that have went through major fractures and harsh civil wars but maintained the unity of the parliament and respect for the Constitution, because parliament and Constitution are the sole reasons that can sustain the re-cohesion of one nation’s people and restore harmony to the various parties, noting that the collapse of the parliament and encroaching the constitution makes everything afterwards permissible, and all of the state and its institutions become devoid of legitimacy and all the political powers in society then will work in a political jungle that is not ruled by law or principle, noting that the chaos does not lead to order in spite of any creative or constructive or reform terminology, it will produce more inevitable chaos .