Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim, chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq affirmed that the existence of poverty does not mean a lack of grace, on the contrary, the graces of God are countless and innumerable, indicating that the man is who being unfair and monopolize, and if graces are distributed with fairness it would include everyone, stressing that selfishness and the monopoly of abundance will lead to pounce, panic and sometimes wars.


This was addressed by his eminence in the forth Ramadan evening in his Baghdad office Friday, 10/06/2016, at which his eminence explained the concept of Zakat and the Khums was to re-distribute the graces in order not to prevent the presences of needy people in communities, reiterating his call to take care of the Mujahideen, the popular forces and families of martyrs openly and in public to encourage people to donate and contribute, pointing that graces of God are not all observed by man perception, there are graces that are awarded for the benevolent by time.