Another horrifying scene hits the core of the human conscience in a clear highly tactical image, showing the reality of terrorism, which had become a cross-borders threat where no country or society is immune from terrorism’s pervert ideology, Nice, France will not be the last crimes of terrorism. From this point Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim, chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called the civilized world to intensify and coordinate efforts in the war on terrorism, his eminence is strongly condemning the targeting of civilians celebrating the national day of France in the city of Nice, the attack that resulted in taking the lives of dozens of innocent people.


This was stated during his eminence’s speech after the terrorist attack of Nice Friday, 15.07.2016. His eminence reminded the world that Iraq has suffered and is suffering from terrorism and most recently of the horrifying Karrada and Balad attacks, which took the lives of hundreds of martyrs and wounded, affirming that Iraq will remain standing firmly on behalf of the world in the front line fighting against ISIS and terrorism, stressing the importance of confronting the exclusionary ideology that does not believe in the others, so the countries would be able to focus to please their people and the development of human and economic potentials so as to promote international peace and security.