Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim, chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, at his office in Baghdad Saturday, 03.09.2016 received the US Congress delegation headed by Democratic Senator Martin Heinrk who is a member of the Armed Forces Committee with the attendance of the US ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman.


His eminence and the US delegation discussed relations between the United States and Iraq particularly in ​ security, political status, and regional situations, the requirements of organizing the battle aftermath priorities, and the requirements of liberating Ninawah province and the post-ISIS phase, stressing that post-liberation phase requires achieving the national priorities which are; the comprehensive political venture, the security strategy, restitution of displaced people to their original areas, the reconstruction of cities, plus discussing the developments in the regional situation especially in Syria and Bahrain and the importance of political solutions to address the crises in the region.