National Iraqi Alliance delegation, visiting the city of Babylon Sunday, 22.01. 2017, called to invest research and scientific talents at the University of Babil to address the problems of the province, noting that the city of Hilla has a lot of competencies that can contribute to addressing the city\'s administrative and service problems.


Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, during a meeting with professors and teachers at the University of Babil, indicated Iraq’s need to efficiencies at the sensitive stage and standing at a crossroads after the demise of Daesh, pointing out that the national settlement bill is a project to build a state of citizens, and stop blood shedding and giving all the attention for reconstruction and development under the Constitution and the law, calling to examine the scenarios for the post-Daesh phase, pointing out that the start is always stumble, but it becomes quick if they stood on the right track, urging for community-based management and unconventional security procedures that adopt modern technology and expertise.