Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, called general managers in local government of Muthanna and security leaders to leave a mark in the positions that they manage, stressing the importance of practicing crisis management and mobilize energies and potentials in government departments.


His Eminence during his visit to the province of Muthanna, heading a delegation of the National Iraqi Alliance Sunday, 19/03/2017, warned against attempts to drag chaos and problems to the central and southern regions, pointing to intelligence information that suggests the possibility of Daesh resorting to its sleeper cells after losing ground and the near complete liberation of Mosul, calling to take caution and attention and develop plans to intersect the terrorist Daesh, stressing the need to rely on self and find sources of funding to sustain services and delivering services to the citizens of Muthanna province, and also stressing the importance of coordination between local government and the central government and take roles.