Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, described the experience of building and developing the University of Diyala a success story under the pressure of the financial crisis, indicating that university\'s success proof that money is not everything and that there is chances for achievement.


His eminence during his meeting with teachers and professors of Diyala University Wednesday 5/4/2017, urged the investment of Iraqi competencies and couple it with Iraqi institutions specially in Diyala province to exchange experiences and provide scientific advice, stressing to spread innovation to overcome routine and introduce e-government in citizen’s correspondence and paparework as well as spreading confidence and optimism and take away frustration, his eminence valued the stand of Iraqis facing Daesh that made Iraqi the focus of the world\'s attention, urging universities to provide visions to get rid of the rentier state status and the spread of working in the state departments, because of its role in inflating the administrative system and harming the citizen.