During the General Authority of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq annual meeting organized in the office of Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim Saturday, 14/5/2017, the conferees praised the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular mobilization forces in Mosul, General Authority of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed the need support whom had presented sacrifices for Iraq and liberate Iraq from terrorist Daesh, and give fairness to victims through providing care to families of the martyrs and wounded. Conferees stressed on conducting parliamentary elections on the scheduled time and to enact laws plus forming the new Independent High Electoral Commission without giving extension or renewal to the current Commission.


The meeting conferees praised the pivotal role played by the National Iraqi Alliance in promoting political relations between the components of the Iraqi people and building the polity of institutions through application of national settlement and positive openness to countries of the region and the world, plus commitment to the guidance of the Religious Authority as it is the safety valve of Iraq. Conferees praised the administrative performance of the federal government and local governments for provision of services, calling for more achievements, stressed on giving attention to the organizational reality, make developments and create openness to all segments of society.