Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, stressed the importance of relying on unbiased political blocs in the next phase, warning from setbacks in the political process if the big blocs adopted the principle of establishing political fronts on the basis of component, calling political blocs to read the current phase and current challenges and espouse mechanisms that commensurate with the current phase.


His eminence met Secretary General of the Al-Haq National Party, Mr. Ahmad Al-Masari in Baghdad office Thursday 20/7/2017, and reiterated to bring parliamentary elections on schedule without delaying for being the most important credibility to democracy and political process, recalled that the Constitution does not allow tenure extension of the Iraqi House of Representatives and thus any extension will result in constitutional vacuums, his eminence noted the need to invest the current opportunity and the state of victory to go for a comprehensive political project for Iraqis that support the achieved military victories as well as the importance of developmental and economic solutions. Regarding the issue of reconstruction of liberated cities, his eminence stressed the importance of a unified action for all liberated cities. There are areas that are destroyed by terrorism and there are other areas that have given all their capacity and sacrificed to liberate the land, and pointed to the importance of international support in this field. His eminence congratulated establishing the Al-Haq National Party and urged the party officials to rely on patriotism without discrimination in their course of political action. Mr. Masari highlighted the importance of political and economic solutions at the current phase, as well as espousing new mechanisms that commensurate with the nature of the phase.