Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, praised the security efforts that are manifesting on the Iraqi street in terms of decrease and control of terrorist operations, yet his eminence called to develop plans, confront crimes and read tactics of Daesh after his recent military defeat, pointed to the importance of understanding the equation of security and terrorism, It is enough for terrorism to succeed once to prove its existence, while security must succeed every time to avoid failure, it is a difficult equation considering the quality of the challenge presented by terrorism, but Iraq is fortunate to succeed in it every time.


His Eminence during a meeting with a group of Karrada area figures in his office in Baghdad Wednesday 26/7/2017, attended by the Commander of Baghdad operations, Lieutenant General Jalil al-Shammari and Baghdad\'s Mayor, Ms. Dhikra Alloush, stressed that the Karrada attack targeted economic, geographic and sectarian dimensions, stressed that terrorism is taking its last breath after losing its bastions and had become without protection , pointed out that the national settlement could be the political achievement strengthening the security victories. His eminence praised the efforts of Karrada people In defending their rights and attempting to reach officials in a peaceful manner.