Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, at his office in Baghdad, received a group of sheikhs and tribal figures of holy Najaf province Tuesday 12/9/2017
His eminence emphasized on the importance of the enacting a comprehensive law for all tribes of Iraq, stressed that tribes should not be confined to a certain political situation.
Tribal figures hailed the wisdom of Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim in supporting and strengthening national unity, welcomed the establishment of the Al-Hikma National Movement and affirmed their support for his eminence\'s project that seek stability of Iraq, strengthening security and contributing to economic recovery.
His eminence praised the courage of the security forces and the popular mobilization forces that achieved great victories over the terrorist Daesh, and was highly admired by world’s country countries for the courage of the Iraqis that achieved victories and earned more respect for the Iraq at which resulted in more development in relations and visits to Iraq. His eminence stressed that maintaining the good reputation of Iraq and unity of Iraq’s soil and components lie in creating a comprehensive non-sectarian national project based on patriotic grounds which are the basis of forming the Al-Hikma National Movement that seeks to embrace all components.
His eminence pointed out that protecting the main component’s rights is in preserving the rights of all other components and caring everyone in this country will be a strong factor in achieving stability and stand against various terrorist plots.
His eminence urged tribes of holy Najaf to nominate the most efficient and honest sons for the upcoming elections to be responsible for contributing to the reconstruction of the province.
Regarding the tribal law, his eminence stressed that the National Iraqi Alliance is making efforts to solve the problems facing the enactment of the tribes’ law, and called not to confine the tribes in a specific political situation.