By: Haider Habib

When the states and governments legislate certain laws there must be some reason behind it based on clear understanding of what it’s do, therefore to proceed a law or implement a decision, this is one of the serious matters that has great sensitivity because any law could cause tough effects and inevitable results, but the severity and importance increase, when these rules comes to important matters such as economics or example, the today’s’ lifeline for the countries and communities.

At the beginning of this year, there were talks about the Tariff Act, which was expected to be implemented in March; the law covered all imported goods in order to support the local product. But the government postponed it until further notice because it discovers a serious consequences to be happen to the citizens as the rising prices result which is already been raised by some merchants even before applying the Traffic Act, the government itself was embarrassed because of the demonstrations and anger in the streets at that time.

Some experts felt that the Traffic Act law can benefit the Iraqi citizen, if it applied gradually on some goods accompanied by the institutions, corporations and the private sector support in the country, otherwise the law harm will be greater than its use.

However, the government agencies did not comment on this opinion of experts, we did not hear the government explaining about the subject except for that it will be apply later. Today there are talks about an intention to erase the zeros of the Iraqi dinar, to support the value of the dinar and have it back to its previous value.
But in both Traffic Act and erase zeroes, it looks like there will not be any difference, both effects will be on a larger scale, and the concerned experts warn from that despite of their support for this move in its first steep but it’s still in need for  study and necessary introductions . However, it clearly seems that the government's policy moving in the wrong direction again, which is just taking decisions without applying it or creating suitable circumstances, which means the weakness in the mentality administrative of the government. 
To avoid the social and economic serious consequences beyond erasing zeros, there will be need to create a general and comprehensive awareness campaign that decreases the risks and negative results. We still do not feel such a necessary action, and what even makes the matter worse is the leak of news about the officials and politicians and the lost confidence, when some politicians and high ranks officers in the Green Zone, exchanged their money into U.S. dollars and saved it in packages at their homes, according to some sources.
Tons of U.S. dollars turned some of the Green Zone’s houses into a kind of fundamentalist banks in purpose so as to make huge interests as those people know about the date of the exchange calls, those people will sell their Green Dollars in a suitable period in which the dollar on highest rate. 
 It is a green business in the Green Zone that uncovers very serious matters meanwhile the laws are under the official’s control when they employ laws for their personal benefit. It is a major scandal (may) the officials feel embarrassed form, which raises serious doubts.