On Wednesday, 7th of September 2011 Sayeed al-Hakeem the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed the point of necessity to develop the institutional level in the Iraqi state in which can make it a source of power for the citizens; he also confirmed that the absence of these institutions would lead to more problems
The event took place during his visit to Basra province and his meeting with a group of the members of the provincial council along with MPs and professors from the university of Basra in the translation chamber of the literate collage
His eminence stressed the need of Iraq for a strong active government, parliament and provincial councils, addition to that the very need to a clear vision and one project to harmony the efforts to achieve the goals
The head of the Islamic Supreme Iraqi Council called for building a national partnership base to reassure everyone, break the equation of injustice and spread justice without searching for the greatest role for any of the participants, warning of the dangers of lack of access to that equation, which provides shared spaces among  all the distribution opportunities equitably among them.
Al-Hakeem addressed the politicians to search for wider space in the Arab and regional area, but not to focus on the internal differences matters only, because it will affect in negative way upon the political and economic on the Iraqi citizen, he called on to pay more attention at the University of Basra, as it enjoys with a big history, noting that the University is the first stop for the construct of souls and the interest in the community starts from the interest in the Universities.
Al-Hakeem has invested the beginning of the new study year by calling to activate the law of the students grant which is 100.000 IQD, reminding that the high oil prices increases the ability to apply this law in order to reduce the hard times on the students, he also asked for more support to the teachers by giving them pieces of lands fits their positions and nearby their towns
Dr. Sajid Hassan Nouri, assistant president of the University of Basra said “ we are happy and grateful from al-Hakeem presentation of ideas and visions to diagnose the wrongs, Basra is in need for another university and the University of Basra needs more colleges, for the reason that Basra population are now over the 3 million people.
The visit included delivering poems by the student Shahad al-Hamdani, in the same time, al_haleem visited an exhibition of fine art, referring to the importance of attention to the art as it includes the goals of social message