On Wednesday 7th of august 2011, Sayeed  Amar al-Hakeem, the head of the Supreme Islamic of Iraqi expressed his pleasing regarding the  loyal people who serve the Iraqi sport as members of in-counrty civil society organizations dedicated and recruited their lives and their potential to serve the sport and youth, he also mentioned during his meeting with Abdul Amir Lateef, The Chairman of the Supreme Council for Youth Welfare and Sports and numbers of sport clubs members in Basra province, the importance to the interests of young people as the high proportion of our society because most of them has the interests of sports, counting that “this is an important input for a country lives fragility in the political situation, confusing security, internal conflicts, lack of development and reconstruction, construction and the lack of sufficient opportunities.
Al-Hakeem stressed on that failure of giving youth enough attention and the failure of filling valid areas to invest their energies in the right way will lead them to the bad interests, harm them in personal and moral status also the social public conditions.
Al-Hakeem presented his appreciation to the sport chairman of the supreme Council for providing enough space for young women, “paying attention to the young women is one of important cases in the Iraqi situation despite the fact that women half or more of the community and have less opportunity than men to get out and move under the circumstances and values of religious and Arab traditions which must be taken care of” al-Hakeem said.
In a related context the head of the Supreme Islamic Council of Iraq called for giving more space to the NGOs to undertake projects because it would be less cost than governmental projects as it’s happening in democratic countries, referring to role of the Ministry of Youth and Sport for bear its responsibility for a portion of its duties, such as youth and sports centers managing, and public stadiums, adding that the concerned ministry cannot deal with all categories of young people and taking care of them and incubate them, as well as the inability of governmental institutions to mobilize volunteers to do some business.
Sayeed Al-Hakim also addressed a strong criticism to the military mental in running the security issue in the country and to the deployment of large numbers of weapons, armor and military vehicles in the streets, stressing that “the security issue cannot be run in this way, his Eminence showed that we need other means of social mobilization of all energies and capabilities and this what we hope and it is large role”.
Al-Hakeem also referred to the wisdom in supporting of these organizations and institutions because they enrich us of purchasing the war tanks, advanced and expensive weapons and burdensome to the budget aircrafts, because as he sees that the if Iraq supports the youth organizations as the key to achieve real security in the country comparing to tens of thousands of young prisoners in Iraq, then noting that if the exchange of part of these money on young people to prevent them from falling into crime and delinquency, it would prevent them of doing crimes and the issues would be treated and solved in different ways.