September 2011, Sayeed Amar al-Hakeem the head of the Islamic Supreme Council
of Iraq, assured during the first Islamic awakening conference in Tehran, that
terrorism is the greatest danger today to the Islamic awakenings around the
world, indicating that the Islamic awakening has become a growing and active
fact in our life which affects the reality of the Muslim nations and the
international relations, as it is no longer just appeals, wishes, or logos.
Al-Hakeem warned
during the conference which is attended by about 1000 Islamic thinker from 80
countries of the world, warned from mixing papers referring to the need of
identifying what is inside or outside of this awakening.
The head of the
Islamic Supreme Council, added “today we find a significant decline in the
political, cultural and social groups affected by the western thoughts and far
away from Islam, which was able during the previous period to control the
factors that influence in the social life in general, and power in particular,
concluding that there are successes achieved by the Islamic awakening project
because of the close concern of Allah and the projects’ hard workers.
Al-Hakeem stressed
that there are challenges facing the Islamic awakening in the future, which
carries the major historical changes, calling to prepare for facing and dealing
with matters from the insight and the complete readiness and knowing the role
of the Islamic awakening from these changes. Indicating that the success of the
Islamic Awakening won’t be occurred only by the true intentions, good hopes to
return for Islam, being free from underdevelopment and dependency, but by
preparing a clearly defined project built on the basis of flexibility in
application according to the objective circumstances of each country and the
general framework that brings the Muslim world in his goals, aspirations and
rights of its people together.
Al-Hakeem suggested to
turn the awakening conference, to a permanent conference and to organize its
permanent general secretariat working on formation of specialized committees of
experts and specialists from different regions of the world taking care of the
study of these frames and  developing
appropriate perceptions, studying, analyzing, monitoring and updating the
attitudes towards them and delivering them to the next conferences, as well as
assessing the level of awakening success in the Muslim world and its commitment
to the original contexts of the project.
Sayeed Al-Hakeem added
“the Palestinian issue and the challenges that faces Palestine to prove its
Islamic and Arabic identity, needs from everyone to focus on providing full
support and solidarity for the Palestinian issue and the Islamic awakening in
the Muslim world and all forms of legitimate resistance that help proving the